The New Ms. Marvel Is Possibly Coming to Live Action TV Really Soon

Ms. Marvel puts up her fist, ready to bring it down on an unfortunate loser. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Ms. Marvel is one of the fans’ favorite new diverse characters in the Marvel Universe. She’s caught the attention of the masses because of her heritage and unique background.

Ms. Marvel is looking to impact TV viewers of all ages.

She’s part of Marvel’s current drive to diversify its lineup. You can read an earlier article for my opinion on the whole thing.

But aside from Marvel working on a new TV series spin-off from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ms. Marvel’s name has been given the toss around.


Ms. Marvel knows how to run when she has to. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Judging by the new Ms. Marvel comic series that has been with us since February, it would work as a young adult/teen targeted show. It would work for the audience that might appreciate a teenage superhero TV series. I hope that the Miles Morales’ Spider-Man can go in this direction, too. Some things work best as TV series, and Ms. Marvel has TV written all over her.

Ms. Marvel is just a high school kid, probably like many of her readers. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Ms. Marvel is just a high school kid, probably like many of her readers. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The writers working on Marvel’s TV efforts are rumored to have passed on a Cloak & Dagger series for this one. I would have loved to see a series about Cloak & Dagger. The appeal and the audience would for sure be unique. The tone would be very street-level supernatural, veering towards an urban X-Files sort of situation. The characterization would be interesting.

Daredevil is all the rage right now in the comic book TV world. But Ms. Marvel can cover the younger demographic if they do this right.

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