Top 5 Comics to Look for on May 2 Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day is always a happy day in the world of comic book fans. It’s probably the happiest day outside of the Comic Cons or the opening of a blockbuster comic book movie.

Comic book shops worldwide are set to give away tons of free stuff.

Free Comic Book Day started in 2002 to coincide with the release of the Spider-Man movie. Since then it’s grown alongside the comic cinematic universe.

Each comic book company readies fine, special edition comics for the day. If you’ll be one of the many heading to the comic shop, be sure to look out for these books:

1. Marvel Comics – Secret Wars #0


A drastic change to the Marvel Universe starts here. (Screenshot/

Marvel chose Free Comic Book Day to kick off the new Secret Wars event. This is a huge comic series which will significantly alter the Marvel Universe. Within the storyline the Marvel Ultimate Universe will end, and remaining universes will combine into Battleworld, affecting all Marvel Comics going forward.

2. DC Comics – Divergence


DC brings back the storylines you thought were gone, and continues where the New 52, and ‘Convergence’ left off. (Screenshot/

The Convergence event will conclude over at DC, and DC’s New 52 reboot will be somewhat altered. DC will cancel some titles and introduce new ones, or slightly altered ones. Divergence gives us a peak at what happens with well-known characters following this new direction. Batman is rumored to emerge with a dramatic alteration.

3. Marvel Comics – All New, All-Different Avengers


The Avengers of a new era are the first to emerge in Marvel’s newest event. (Screenshot/

Marvel brings its new, younger, ethnically diverse variants on well-known characters, and collects them into this new Avengers squad. They are the first team coming in the wake of all the Secret Wars changes. Being the first comic out after Secret Wars means this team will weigh heavily in the direction Marvel is taking. But can this new Avengers team hold, despite being a totally different cast than the movie Avengers that everyone is familiar with?

4. Graphic India – Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible


Stan Lee’s latest creation, Chakra is here for the all-ages crowds. (Screenshot/

Chakra was created by Stan Lee in 2011. Chakra is an Indian superhero who can channel the power from his body’s chakras with a special suit. The character is familiar to India, and Stan Lee is looking to bring Chakra to movie theaters as a live-action Bollywood film. It should get interesting. Until then, enjoy this all-ages comic about a character we may hear more about real soon.

5. Fantagraphics Books – Hip Hop Family Tree Three-In-One


Hip Hop Family Tree comes at us with a 3-in-1 issue. (Screenshot/

This is a great comic that takes all those moments in the history of hip hop and translates them into comic form. It’s surprisingly well done. It really creates a comic world of the hip hop experience in a way that a general audience can find entertaining, and even more so for the music fan.

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