Hey Mr. Panda, Are You Practicing for a Gymnastics Competition?

Just having a nap... (Image: Sina News)
Just having a nap... (Image: Sina News)

Pandas are always just so cute, whatever they choose to do.

Visitors to Hangzhou Zoo in Zhejiang Province were treated to this special moment on April 20.

A giant panda was asleep, lying comfortably and peacefully… on a set of monkey bars.

Yes, that’s right—on top of the monkey bars!

The funny scene attracted many spectators who gathered and took photos.

A blogger commented: “A sleeping posture like this might require a high level of skill. Haha so cute”

I wonder how long this lovely panda has been practicing.


The giant panda lying on the monkey bars. (Image: Sina News)


He looks so relaxed. (Image: Sina News)

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