The 5 Craziest Winding Roads in China

Sky Road in Enshi. (Image:
Sky Road in Enshi. (Image:

China is a vast country with beautiful landscapes, but its big mountains and steep cliffs create complex road situations in some areas. However, this does offer visitors amazing views during road trips… if you dare to drive on them!

Road to Heaven. (Image:

Road to Heaven. (Image:

Without doubt, the No.1 place for the most winding road goes to the Skygate-Mount Road or Tongtian Avenue (meaning road to heaven).

This mountain road is located in Zhangjiajie National Park in Hunan Province. It is 4.6 miles long with an elevation change of nearly 4,200 feet, and it features exactly 99 turns which symbolize the nine palaces of heaven.

Twenty-four turns. (Image:

Twenty-four turns. (Image:

Twenty-four turns is one part of the famous Stilwell Road, which was constructed in the last century. It became important for transporting supplies to the Chinese nationalist army and American forces to resist Japanese domination in World War II.

Do you feel scared seeing all these turns?

Bermuda road. (Image:

Bermuda Road. (Image:

The Bermuda road is in Jiangxi Province. Its length is less than a half mile. However, since it was built, more than 400 accidents have happened there, and about 100 people have died. The main reason is its bad design, because it is too narrow and winding.


Devil Road in Tibet. (Image:

Devil road in Tibet. (Image:

Devil Road in Tibet. (Image:

The road surrounds along the Ridui Mount. (Image:

The road passes around Mount Ridui. (Image:

318 Chuangzang Highway starts in Shanghai, and ends in Tibet. The Devil Road “72 turns” is one of the biggest challenges on this road trip. It will take more than an hour to get through the 72 turns, which are about 7 miles in length.

The 72 turns are an adventure, and can get congested. The longest traffic jam there lasted for 3 days.

Sky road. (Image:

Sky Road. (Image:

Sky road is in Enshi in Hubei Province. It is about 2.5 miles long, and consists of 7 big “Z’s”. It was constructed by local villagers using manual labor 30 years ago. The road connects the villagers to the outside world. But it is also a deadly road due to its position and shape.

Are you ready to take up the challenge, and drive on one of these roads?

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