Mike Tyson and Terry Crews Face Off in Outrageous Lip Sync Battle

Any musclebound celebrity needs to get in touch with his feminine side once in a while. And in this case, the feminine side channels new talents.

Terry Crews is the actor and former football player we all know and love from Old Spice commercials, and numerous other acting roles. He’s played mean dudes, like in the Friday movies. He’s played hard-working fathers, like in Everybody Hates Chris. And he’s taken some risks in his commercial work. But here he goes all out lip syncing a female pop star.


Terry Crews is always expanding his acting reach. (Screenshot/YouTube)


Not so much a surprise for this guy. Have you seen his Old Spice commercials? (Screenshot/YouTube)

Another surprise from ‘Lip Sync Battle.’

Here he channels Vanessa Carlton in a way only a bodybuilder knows how, and turns her hit A Thousand Miles upside down. I wonder if this will spark more sales for that 2002 hit song.

Mike Tyson is even more out of character. The former heavyweight boxing champion has been touring with his one man show, and he’s been playing himself as a cartoon character on TV. He’s known for being the ultimate tough guy in the ring, and being a little crazy inside and outside the ring. Whenever I see him on TV I get the sense the show host is walking on eggshells.


The stretch pants alone captivated people during his performance. (Screenshot/YouTube)

But not to fear. Now I’ve seen it all. Mike Tyson in leather stretch pants is the most awkward fashion statement of all time. Maybe this will soften up his image a bit. But I just hope it doesn’t spark a new style of tight leather stretch pants for men.


Whatever he’s doing, he’s really into it, off beat or not. (Screenshot/YouTube)

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