When Celebrities Meet Ballpoint Pen Art

Classic scene from 'Titanic.' (Image: Weibo.com)
Classic scene from 'Titanic.' (Image: Weibo.com)

Earlier this year, a young man from Shanxi Province wowed many people with his extraordinary works of ballpoint pen art after they were shared widely on social media.

His paintings are filled with traditional Chinese elements like the Summer Palace, ancient gateways, and stone alleys.

In contrast, these ballpoint pen works by another talented young Chinese painter are all about Western pop culture.

Transformer IV: Age of Extinction

‘Transformers IV: Age of Extinction.’ (Image: Weibo.com)

Spider man. (Image: Weibo.com)

Spiderman. (Image: Weibo.com)

The young man, A-Wei, is a big fan of American TV dramas and movies, as you can easily see in his art.

Using the simple colors and lines of the ballpoint pen, he recreates familiar views and faces that we once saw on the screen.

Fast and Furious. (Image: Weibo.com)

Fast and Furious. (Image: Weibo.com)

Sylvester Stallone in First Blood. (Image: Weibo.com)

Sylvester Stallone in ‘First Blood.’ (Image: Weibo.com)

Prison break. (Image: Weibo.com)

‘Prison Break.’ (Image: Weibo.com)

The Lord of The Rings. (Image: Weibo.com)

‘The Lord of The Rings.’ (Image: Weibo.com)

Twilight. (Image: Weibo.com)

‘Twilight.’ (Image: Weibo.com)

As ballpoint pen ink is permanent, this painting medium imposes strict requirements on the artist. Each stroke is irreversible. Painters must put in long a great deal of effort, and it takes huge amounts of patience.

David Beckham. (Image: Weibo.com)

David Beckham. (Image: Weibo.com)

Audrey Hepburn. (Image: Weibo.com)

Audrey Hepburn. (Image: Weibo.com)

The Queen. (Image: Weibo.com)

Queen Elizabeth II. (Image: Weibo.com)

Waterloo Bridge. (Image: Weibo.com)

‘Waterloo Bridge.’ (Image: Weibo.com)

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