Chinese Guy Breaks World Record for Wingsuit Flying Without Oxygen

Jumping out at almost 27,000 feet. (Image:
Jumping out at almost 27,000 feet. (Image:

Most wingsuiters jump off cliffs or out of planes, but if you want to go really high, a hot air balloon is another way to launch.

Early on April 26, Chinese wingsuiter Zhang Shupeng leaped from a balloon at an altitude of 26,739 feet without an oxygen mask, according to 21 cn.

The hot balloon that carried the challenger to the high sky. (Image:

The hot air balloon that carried Zhang to record-breaking heights. (Image:

The previous world record for wingsuit flying without oxygen was set last year by a Swiss man named Romeo Lang at 26,247 feet. Zhang Shupeng challenged his record in Inner Mongolia.

The hot balloon climbed up in the air for about an hour. (image:

It took about an hour to get to that height. (image:

After Zhang jumped out, he flew vertically for the first 328 feet, and then adopted a spiral style for 6,500 feet. Then he switched back to vertical flight before opening his parachute at 2,600 feet.

Safe landing. (Image:

Safe landing. (Image:

During the dive, Zhang lost control of his hands due to lack of oxygen, although remained completely conscious.

Also the dramatic change in elevation caused intense pain in his ears.

Zhang said all his reactions slowed down, and even deploying the parachute was completed in slow motion.

Break the record. (Image:

The new world record holder. (Image:

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