Watch These Urban Fox Cubs and Their Love for Trampolines (Video)

These young foxes in London sure know how to get up to mischief.

This is a short film called Exercise by British filmmaker Andrew Brand. The footage was shot entirely from the window of his flat in North-East London. It also has a very charming soundtrack by Richard Keyworth that’s worth taking note of.

The synopsis of the film goes like this: Spring is here and, while baby lambs frolic in the countryside,

fox cubs in the city learn how to bounce on a trampoline.

Urban foxes are quite common in London. I remember hearing about a man who swore one followed him home on the train one night after he bought a kebab, and then got off with him at his stop.

Foxes may seem unnerving at times, but I also have fond thoughts of these furry little friends.

I think of the family from Roald Dahls classic book The Fantastic Mr Fox, also made into a gorgeous stop animation film by Wes Anderson. And when I watch this short above, I can’t help but think I would love to catch them all and hug them! (Probably just the child in me.)

How can you not enjoy the playful and curious nature of these little ones, as they discover the trampoline for the first time in their foxy lives?

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