Missing Boy Dies in State-Run Refuge (Warning: Disturbing Photos)

A government-run homeless shelter in China. (Image: Baidu.com)
A government-run homeless shelter in China. (Image: Baidu.com)

In China, government-run “relief stations” are meant to help people in need. However, they have long had a reputation for mistreating vulnerable groups.

The recent death of a 13-year-old boy in Xinyang, Henan Province, has left a homeless shelter under suspicion of murder.

The photo of the boy, taken one month before he was missing. (Image: Weibo.com)

Wang Zhiqiang a month before he went missing. (Image: Weibo.com)

Wang Zhiqiang went missing after leaving home on Oct. 2, 2014, and his family informed the police two days later. They have been searching for him ever since until they learned some terrible news on April 22.

Zhiqiang’s father, Wang Xinhong, read a report in a local paper about a boy who had died at a homeless shelter. The father called the shelter to confirm the details, and went to identify the body.

The family couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the body.

He was emaciated and covered in sores. Zhiqiang’s mother recognized the boy from some old surgery scars on his leg. The relatives were totally heartbroken after learning their son had died in such an inhumane way.

The boy's body was as skinny as a mummy. (Image: Weibo.com)

The boy’s body was just skin and bones. (Image: Weibo.com)

The family was heartbroken over the scene. (Image: Weibo.com)

The family was heartbroken at the scene. (Image: Weibo.com)

The missing boy was sent to the homeless shelter in October, according to Nandu News.

Before he left home, he weighed about 90 pounds. What happened in the last six months that left him looking like this? Police have started a special investigation into the case.

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