The Only Way to Get Closer to Mother Earth Is Through the Water

How does a person manage to drift to the deepest levels underwater and come back up in one breath?

How often do we visit that world on the bottom of the ocean?

It’s not a feat that can be done by an average person. It requires a body conditioned for such a venture. And a mind that can slow itself down.

It is so important that your mind remain calm. If there is any way you are going to survive dives like these, it is to calm down and go with the flow of your surroundings.


Is this freediving, or underwater freerunning? (Screenshot/YouTube)

This isn’t a special effect filled pseudo-journey, the diver is strolling along the ocean floor near French Polynesia, out there in the Pacific Ocean.

The diver you see is Guillaume Néry. He’s broken and battled to hold the world record for deepest dive ever. He doesn’t currently hold the record, but he’s a legend in his own right.


Drifting underwater is almost like drifting in space. (Screenshot/YouTube)

As you can see, he does it all on one breath. That’s what they call freediving these days. Diving without specialized breathing devices comes from ancient times. Once used for military purposes, natural sponge collection, and even to collect sunken treasure.

If you want to try your hand at freediving, get proper training, and be aware of decompression sickness, blacking out, and diving within your capacity, aside from the dangers of hungry or harmful sea creatures.

You weren’t born a fish, but with enough dives you might turn into one.

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