It Looks Like a World-Famous Monument, but It’s Really a Restroom

This toilet can accommodate 2,000 patrons at once. (Image:
This toilet can accommodate 2,000 patrons at once. (Image:

Does this building look familiar to you? Yes, it’s Gaudi’s Park Güell in Barcelona.

Well, actually the original is a famous attraction in Spain, but this copycat version in China is… a public toilet. It’s located in Foreigner Street in Chongqing, and can accommodate 2,000 patrons at once!

You might be wondering what it would smell like for this many people to be in there all together. Don’t worry—the designer has taken this into consideration. Natural ventilation is one of the most important details as there aren’t any windows.

When you are lost, you might see signs like: “Your nose is the road leading to the toilet.” Another of the slogans says: “Please rest assured, the amount of bacteria on your desk is actually four times greater than this restroom.” There are even tips about what to do if your phone falls in the toilet. LOL, how considerate!


Your nose is the road leading to the toilet. (Image:


Interior design. (Image:

Although many might think it’s shameless to imitate a renowned architectural monument, the bootleg has already been nicknamed “the coolest toilet.”

There are several other copies of foreign icons in China to attract tourists, like the Great Pyramid, and giant sphinx in Anhui.

I wonder what the great Spanish architect would think knowing his ideas inspired a giant latrine!


‘The coolest toilet.’ (Image:


A giant latrine. (Image:

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