The US Has Created a Self-Steering Bullet

DARPA’s Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO). (Screenshot/YouTube)
DARPA’s Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO). (Screenshot/YouTube)

Now, war will become even more dangerous when going up against the U.S. In a terrifying development, the US has managed to create self-steering bullets.

Agency officials from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have announced that they have developed the technology to improve even the worst shot within the military.

They were able to demonstrate this when they showed that even a novice shooter could hit a moving target in a series of field test.

DARPA EXACTO Test—self-guided .50-cal rounds:

Military snipers quite often have to take aim at moving targets, and conditions under which they operate are often not ideal.

Snipers have to compensate for things like high winds, rain, or even dusty terrain.

DARPA’s Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) program, which developed a self-steering bullet to increase hit rates for difficult, long-distance shots, completed in February its most successful round of live-fire tests to date. An experienced shooter using the technology demonstration system repeatedly hit moving and evading targets. Additionally, a novice shooter using the system for the first time hit a moving target, DARPA wrote on its website.

EXACTO demonstrates first-ever guided .50-caliber bullets:

The video shows an EXACTO bullet adjusting while in flight.

By doing this, it is able hit its target while it is moving and accelerating.

With EXACTO’s specially designed ammunition and real-time optical guidance system, it is able to track and direct projectiles to their targets. It does this by compensating for weather, wind, target movement, and other factors that impede successful hits.

EXACTO live-fire tests, February 2015:

“True to DARPA’s mission, EXACTO has demonstrated what was once thought impossible: the continuous guidance of a small-caliber bullet to target,” Jerome Dunn, DARPA program manager, said in a statement. “This live-fire demonstration from a standard rifle showed that EXACTO is able to hit moving and evading targets with extreme accuracy at sniper ranges unachievable with traditional rounds. Fitting EXACTO’s guidance capabilities into a small .50-caliber size is a major breakthrough, and opens the door to what could be possible in future guided projectiles across all calibers.”

The bullet that can change direction mid-air:

The EXACTO program developed new approaches and advanced capabilities to improve the range and accuracy of sniper systems beyond the current state of the art. The program sought to improve sniper effectiveness and enhance troop safety by allowing greater shooter standoff range and reduction in target engagement timelines, DARPA said on its webpage.


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