Haunting Drone Footage Reveals Extent of Earthquake Damage in Nepal

This footage above is what a drone saw over the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu a day after the magnitude-7.8 quake hit on Saturday.

It is incredibly eerie to see the damage wrought upon the city, especially the damaged historical landmarks, buildings, and seeing the massive cracks through roads.

Over 5,500 have reportedly been killed by the quake that hit Nepal’s central and western regions.

The death toll of the country’s worst quake in over 80 years is unfortunately expected to keep increasing.

Many people have been sleeping in the open since the quake hit, and the U.N. says that 600,000 houses have been destroyed or damaged, in reports by Reuters.

The U.N. has also stated that the disaster has affected 8 million people, and that at least 2 million are in need of tents, water, food, and medicines over the course of the next three months.


Currently, bad weather is making it difficult for rescue workers to assist affected areas of the impoverished Himalayan nation.

Hundreds of foreign trekkers are also reportedly struggling to find food and shelter. Others remain unaccounted for.

The below drone footage of the devastation caused by the quake in the Gorkha District, western Nepal, was filmed by an ABC reporter. The footage shows devastated villages in an area that is four hours by road from Kathmandu.

Some Good News

On Thursday, hundreds of onlookers cheered as police rescuers pulled 15-year-old Pema Lama out alive from under the rubble of Kathmandu’s Hilton Hotel, reports AFP/ABC. The teenager had been trapped for five days.

Despite all the despair experienced in Nepal, Pema’s is one of several reported tales of escape, which also includes a 5-month-old baby baby who survived being buried under a collapsed house for 22 hours.

See tweets on Pema’s rescue below:

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