Is Jolin Tsai a Pop Queen or a Professional Fondant Cake Artist?

Jolin loves to share her artworks on Facebook. (Screenshot/Facebook)
Jolin loves to share her artworks on Facebook. (Screenshot/Facebook)

You might have heard of the Asian pop queen, Jolin Tsai, who worked extremely hard to transform herself from a sweet little girl into a dancing diva.

Her hardworking personality has helped her become not just a superstar, but also a professional cake maker!

Jolin loves to share her edible artworks on Facebook. However, these cakes are not the regular ones you can buy in shops. They are fondant cakes which require quite a high level of skill to make.

There are various shapes and designs ranging from Hermes Kelly, Birkin bag, and treasure chest to the most famous piece: Adidas Superstar Shoes. With her ingenious and artistic touch, they look so realistic that most bloggers thought they were the real thing.

Usually, one cake takes Jolin two days to finish—making fondant on the first day, and the cake body the second day. To make better cakes, she even goes to sketching class to improve her sensitivity of shapes, dimensions, and material objects, according to Apple Daily.


Adidas Superstar Shoes cake. (Screenshot/Facebook)


A slice of Adidas Superstar Shoes cake. (Screenshot/Facebook)


Treasure chest cake. (Screenshot/Facebook)


Hermes Kelly handbag cake. (Screenshot/Facebook)


Hermes Birkin bag cake. (Screenshot/Facebook)

Jolin launched her latest masterpiece “white convertible” on April 30. Lights, steering wheel, tires, seats…. every single detail is delicate. And the registration number “10-HOO” was inspired by her pet dog Whoo Hoo.

Her fans have been asking if she can open her own shop. One comment says: “I am a pastry cook. I feel she does better than I do.”

Good news! Jolin is considering creating a Facebook page especially for sharing the cakes she makes. So let’s look forward to her next lovely artwork!


White convertible cake. (Screenshot/Facebook)


White convertible cake. (Screenshot/Facebook)


White convertible cake. (Screenshot/Facebook)


White convertible cake. (Screenshot/Facebook)

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