What Do Chinese Do When They’re Stuck in a Traffic Jam?

Time to do some needlework! (Image: qq.com)
Time to do some needlework! (Image: qq.com)

Whether on a road trip or just commuting, being in a traffic jam is a real downer in anyone’s day.

Except for cursing in the car, what can you do to deal with this nightmare? Perhaps we can learn some tips from Chinese people.

May 1 was Labor Day, which is a national holiday in China. At this time of year, the weather is very pleasant, and Chinese usually seize the chance to go on a trip with friends or family over the long weekend.

This leads to masses of cars on the expressway all over the country, especially in cities or provinces with popular scenic spots. If there’s an accident, it’s a disaster not just for the people involved, but for other motorists due to traffic jams.

However, Chinese people are particularly good at dealing with long waits on the road.


Let’s play chess! (Image: qq.com)

Image: s1979.com

Or poker on a suitcase. (Image: S1979.com)


Have a picnic. (Image: S1979.com)


 (Image: Xkb.com)

Playing badminton. (Image: Xkb.com)

Image: Copperhome.net

Or just act cool and play golf by yourself. (Image: Copperhome.net)


Or with a shuttlecock. (Image: Wfnews.com)

Image: S1979.com

Walk the dog. (Image: S1979.com)

Image: Wccdaily.com

Make friends with other dogs. (Image: Wccdaily.com)

Image: qq.com

Take photos, log into Weibo, type in #TrafficJam, and hit send. (Image: qq.com)

Image: 163.com

Exercise and stretch the body. (Image: 163.com)

Image: 163.com

Let’s dance. (Image: 163.com)

Image: 163.com

Just dance. (Image: 163.com)

Image: Sohu.com

Check out what’s happening in the distance. (Image: Sohu.com)

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