Girls, You Should Find a Nice Boyfriend Here at This University

The reason why these students are holding sheets is very touching. (Image:
The reason why these students are holding sheets is very touching. (Image:

Just read this story and you’ll understand why…

The incident took place on April 23. A college girl climbed on top of a 13-story building at Beifang University of Nationalities, and threatened to jump off the roof, according to


The girl on top of a 13-story building. (Image:

A group of young men quickly started removing bicycles from the area when they spotted the girl sitting up there. Then they got some sheets, spread them out, and stood there holding them up waiting.


They quickly removed the bicycles parked in that area. (Image:

These actions might look useless, dangerous, or even funny at first. Because when you think about it, if she did actually jump from that high, she would have fallen straight through the sheets onto the ground, and possibly killed one of the boys in the process.

But apparently it was not attempting to catch her that mattered, but showing her that people cared.

We can see the concern in their eyes,  looking up to the top.

Maybe feeling touched by these actions, the girl decided not to jump, and was finally dragged  away to a safe spot by a member of staff at the university.


These students showed their care for the girl threatening to jump. (Image:

Currently, all we know is that the girl was a student from another university, and was having relationship problems with her boyfriend, as the attention was drawn away from her to the male students who “saved” her life in such a heartwarming way.

Bloggers have been praising these students, and nicknamed them the “sheet brothers.” Media have been using interesting heading to describe them like:

  • “What was held up were not just sheets but a person’s life.”
  • “Don’t jump, we’ll be your boyfriend!”
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