Chinese Man Adopts ‘Puppy’ on the Way Home, but Gets a Big Surprise


What’s the most special birthday present you’ve ever received?

For Mr. Gao in Xian City, it must be the baby bear he accidentally picked up on the road and brought home.

Naughty bear. (Image:

Naughty bear. (Image:

On May 1, Gao and some friends went to the Qinling Mountains to celebrate his birthday.

While driving home that night, Gao spotted a little black creature on the road. “When I saw him, a big dog was barking loudly and walking around him. I thought it was a big dog bullying a little puppy, so we pulled up and put him in the car,” Gao told the Huashang News.

Black bear. (Image:

Black bear. (Image:

Gao turned on the interior light and carefully checked the “puppy.” He wasn’t injured, and Gao realized the little thing looked more like a bear than a dog. The “puppy” stayed quiet and fell asleep fast in his arms. “It was already dark outside, so we didn’t stay long and brought it home,” he recalled.

The baby bear was climbing on the wall. (Image:

The baby bear climbing the wall. (Image:

After Mr. Gao and his friends got home, they were astonished to learn that the “puppy” was actually a little black bear. The baby bear couldn’t fend for himself, so Mr. Gao decided to take care of him for the timebeing, and named him “Bear Big”.

Bear Big and his food bowl. (Image:

Bear Big and his food bowl. (Image:

Bear big is climbing the windows. (Image:

Bear Big climbing on the windows. (Image:

Say Hi. (Image:

Saying hi. (Image:

To Gao’s surprise, Bear Big didn’t feel nervous or frightened in his new environment. He ran around in the yard all day, and his favorite thing was climbing up trees or windows. He likes people, and got naughtier if friends were visiting. “He even sneaked into the pool in my yard and went for a swim,” Gao said.

Baby bear got caught before he challenged the new height. (Image:

Gao catches Bear Big before he gets to a new height. (Image:

Mr. Gao was handing the milk to the baby bear, who was playing on the window bars. (Image:

Gao was handing him milk while playing on the window bars. (Image:

Bear Big was fed with milk, apples, hams, and corn. Bear Big likes to drink milk holding the bottle himself. Gao said proudly: “Bear Big was not a picky eater at all, he welcomed all food as long as it was edible.” Also he grew very fast. When the little bear was first taken home, he was only 10 inches, but now he was almost 14 inches. Gao added:

Bear Big was docile, and he barely let out a roar unless you really provoked him.

Bear Big. (Image;

Bear Big. (Image;

In China, it’s illegal to raise a black bear at home. Gao planned to take Bear Big back to his natural home when he was independent, but was concerned that other people might catch him as he’s tame.

After careful consideration, he called the local wildlife rescue station. Although it’s hard to let him go, Bear Big will be taken back to the mountains when he grows up.

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