Did You Know Your Cat’s Purr Could Heal You in All These Ways?

Cats make you feel good not just because they're cute, but also their purrs have healing powers. (Image: BigTallGuy via Compfight cc)
Cats make you feel good not just because they're cute, but also their purrs have healing powers. (Image: BigTallGuy via Compfight cc)

Cat lovers, crazy cat ladies, and audiophiles unite. We all know a cat’s affection and company can physically make us feel better when we are down. Now there is proof that a cat’s soothing purr can heal our bodies in the most surprising ways.

It’s apparently all about frequencies, those bass sound waves that roll through air. The vibrations of the lower frequencies emitted in a cats purr are medically therapeutic. So snuggle up to your kitty cat when your bones ache, when you are stressed, when you have an infection, muscle, tendon, or bone injury…

     Check out the infographic below for the full list of healing properties.

The interesting thing to remember about cats is that they don’t only purr when they are happy, they also purr when under stress or experiencing pain, like giving birth. According to Health Central, additional evidence that has researchers concluding there may be healing power in a cat’s purr includes:

  • Cats heal much faster from fractures than dogs.
  • 90% of cats that fall from extreme heights survive, even when they have serious injuries.
  • Cats are far less likely to suffer from bone diseases than dogs.
  • Cats have fewer diseases affecting their muscles and ligaments than dogs.
  • Cats are less likely than dogs to have complications following surgery.
  • Cats have far fewer lung problems than dogs.

I’m thinking we need sound engineers to insert the healing frequencies or purrs into our music more, that 20-140Hz range—as a bonus medicinal boost. Unfortunately, regular stereo speakers do not reproduce bass frequencies that low. To get them, you need a subwoofer that puts out the below-200Hz frequencies.

Speaking of subwoofers, at a live concert or club, you’ll get a heavy dose of those low vibration sound waves from the big speaker rigs. That’s one of the reasons, in my opinion, why people love big live concerts and clubs, because the music literally feels so good. Pity it’s so loud it damages the ear drums, but that’s a different topic.

You know, the ancient Chinese knew of the healing effects of music too, that’s why the Chinese character for music incorporates the character for medicine. A cat’s purring is music to my ears.

Just imagine how wonderful a lion‘s purr would make you feel, if even a little cat’s purr can heal!

Cat's purrs heal. (Image: Daily Infographic)

Cats’ purrs heal. (Image: Daily Infographic)

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