How This Man Was Rescued From Jumping Off a Building Is Amazing

The suicidal man standing on the edge of the building. (Image:
The suicidal man standing on the edge of the building. (Image:

This man was standing on the edge of a roof about to commit suicide, but something happened just as he was about to jump.

The incident took place on May 7 in Zhejiang, China. The man was on top of a 6-story building, and was poised to take his life just as some firemen arrived on the scene.

Suddenly he crouched, ready to jump.

Within a second, a fireman pulled him inside, and dragged him away to safety.


The man had crouched, ready to jump. (Image:


A fireman quickly grabbed his waist and pulled him back down. (Image:

While recalling the incident, the fireman still felt shocked. “I didn’t think much. When he was about to jump, I just subconsciously reached out my hand to pull him inside. And fortunately I managed to save him,” he told Sina News.

It’s amazing that the fireman was there at that life and death moment. I felt really concerned for the man, but the story has a happy ending. Hopefully he will reconsider his situation after being so close to nearly dying.

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