Hanging Off a Cliff: An Exciting New Idea for Wedding Photos

Rock climbing wedding photos. (Image: Hsw.cn)
Rock climbing wedding photos. (Image: Hsw.cn)

While preparing to get married, many couples-to-be find it difficult to answer this question: Apart from being beautiful, how do we make our wedding photos special and unique?

This set of wedding photos from a pair of climbing enthusiasts in China might give you some fresh inspiration.

Walking together on the cliff. (Image: Hsw.cn)

Walking together on a cliff. (Image: Hsw.cn)

Lu Chao and his fiancee, Zhang Chenyu, are from Shanxi Province. They were classmates at high school, and are getting married at the end of May.

Since both of them like rock climbing, they came up with the idea to shoot their wedding photos on a cliff.

Pose in the air. (Image: Hsw.cn)

Posing in the air. (Image: Hsw.cn)

“The cliff we selected is about 100 feet high, with a moderate level of climbing difficulty. Its reddish color makes it look passionate and festive,” the couple told Huaxi News.

Looked quite challenging. (Image: Hsw.cn)

Looks pretty challenging. (Image: Hsw.cn)

The youngsters went to the cliff on May 5 with photographers and friends. The bride wore her white wedding dress, but with sneakers.

The photo shooting process was not easy as they had to hang on the cliff for 3 hours. After the photo shoot, the groom’s waist was covered with red marks from the safety rope.

Bride on her long wedding dress. (Image: Hsw.cn)

The bride in her long wedding dress. (Image: Hsw.cn)

One QQ user joked the having these wedding photos would remind the couple that marriage is like climbing on cliffs.

You might end up in the abyss if you don’t pay attention to each step under foot.

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