Tragedy Returns: Nepal Hit by Another Powerful Earthquake

It’s currently a nightmare for the people of Nepal with a second strong earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.3, hitting their country.

The quake hit around midday local time on Tuesday just under three weeks since a 7.8 magnitude quake killed more than 8,000 people and injured over 17,800.

The epicenter for this recent quake was near the Nepal-China border, not far from Mount Everest where 18 people were killed by the April 25 quake, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

According to eyewitnesses in the above video, the tremor did not last as long as the one did last month.

Having to deal with the trauma from April’s devastation, many of the residents in the country’s capital Katmandu are at a wits end.

“Everyone was saying the earthquakes are over… Now I don’t want to believe anyone,” a 40-year-old produce vendor Ram Hari Sah told the The New York Times. “We are all scared, we are terrified. I would rather deal with mosquitoes and the rain than sleep in the house.”

The quake has been followed by several aftershocks.

News report at present indicate that around 40 people have been killed by the quake in the Himalayan nation and over a 1000 injured. Both numbers are expected to unfortunately rise.

See some video footage that captured the moment the second quake hit below:

Search and Rescue teams are being sent out on helicopters to help people affected in rural areas.

The tremors were felt as far away as New Delhi, and 17 people have been reported killed by the quake in Indian states bordering Nepal, reports the International Tribune. There have also been reports that one person died in Tibet.

See a range of images that have been coming out of Nepal via twitter today below:

quake 1 Quake 2 Quake 3 Quake 4 Quake 5

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