3 Daily Questions to Embed the Habit of Self-Love

Take a minute to pause and check-in with yourself everyday. It’s an active way for you to learn, and eventually embrace, “self-love” as a healthy, wise, and generous way of being.

Self-love is the sunshine you let in to your life (image:Correia/flickr)

Self-love is the sunshine you let into your life.
(Image: Correia/flickr)

Some have the notion that self-love is a selfish or a narcissistic attitude. If you haven’t yet explored the concept of ‘self-love,’ or been put off this idea somehow, I’m here to tell you that self-love is actually beneficial, not only for  your own personal wellbeing, but for the wellbeing of those around you.

The concept of “self-love” can be very confronting for some. However, it is a healthy choice and benefits us in all realms: physical, emotional, cognitive and social.

Consider this picture: you have a young child who is watching your every move and daily habits. Think for a minute about what kinds of messages you are sending that child when you neglect your personal needs, and allow yourself to suffer needlessly.

Every person has a collective, in-born responsibility of being a role model to some extent—like it or not.  You want to send a clear message to others that “you are valuable, and deserve to be lovingly cared for.”

We can all be role models of 'self-love' (image:Rodrigo Soldon/flickr)

We can all be role models of ‘self-love.’
(Image:Rodrigo Soldon/flickr)

This perspective is anything but narcissistic; in fact, it nurtures a healthy lifestyle, and sets the stage for healthy relationships also.

 How can you truly know the meaning of ‘respect’ when you don’t respect yourself?

The words “self-love” are indeed perplexing. Another way to understand the concept is a “gentle acceptance” and compassion toward yourself, a willingness to meet all your needs, and find happiness.

Only you can make yourself happy (Image:utpal/flickr)

Only you can make yourself happy. (Image: utpal/flickr)

Looking after yourself in basic, everyday ways are a look-in to the idea of “self-love” that you can explore more each day—it’s really that simple. Let it be your joyful journey.

Acceptance of your unique self, is apart of self-love (image:SweetOnVeg/flickr)

Acceptance of your unique self is a part of self-love.
(Image: SweetOnVeg/flickr)

More helpful tips to promote self-love daily.

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