OMG?! 50 People Crammed Inside Minivan in China

0 People Crammed Inside Minivan in China
Say What?! 50 People Crammed Inside Minivan in China

Sometimes it’s hard to visualize numbers, especially in a confined space, but the video above gives you a good idea of what 50 people inside a minivan looks like.

And it doesn’t look like fun at all, especially if you’re in any way claustrophobic.

The above footage was taken in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, Southwestern China, last Sunday, and shows police ordering 50 construction workers, both men and women, out of a 6-seater minivan.

The worker’s boss—who was also the driver—asked them all to squeeze in to save time traveling.

Police gave the boss-driver a ticket, and other forms of transport were arranged for the workers.

Maybe all those hilarious videos taken in Russia are getting some competition.

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