Why Did This Post About ‘Pushing the Wall’ Trigger Heated Discussion?

The censored post. (Screenshot/ NTDTV)
The censored post. (Screenshot/ NTDTV)

People’s Court News, China‘s Supreme Court official Weibo account, posted this message in its routine “Goodnight Friends” statement on May 12:

“We push the wall 10 times, the wall will not collapse. We push the wall 100 times, the wall will not collapse. We push the wall thousands or tens of thousands of times, the wall will still not collapse. The wall simply will not collapse, but we will gain muscle and become stronger and more powerful people by trying hard to push the wall. ‘The wall will not collapse’ shouldn’t become an excuse to voluntarily be weak… by Kevin Tsai.”

This was cited from well-known host and writer Kevin Tsai’s Weibo. “The wall” was intended to refer to difficulties encountered along the way in life. In the context of China’s current situation, bloggers suggested that it’s a metaphor for “tearing down the existing system,” like the Berlin Wall bring torn down.

Although the post was removed a few hours later, it had already been shared over 2,000 times, and got more than 1,000 comments.

Here are some of the things that bloggers said:

  • “This is the most beautiful voice of 2015.”
  • “Well, let’s push the wall. At least we will become stronger and stronger.”
  • “Not just a single person is pushing the wall. Let’s all push it together.”
  • “A single spark can start a prairie fire. There’s never a wall that cannot be torn down. Let’s awaken more people and push the wall together. Only when the wall is down will Chinese people have hope!”

According to incomplete folk statistics fromĀ Epoch Times, there were 21,278 human rights conflicts during in 2014, or 58 per day on average. In addition, the Tuidang movement has become a trend among Chinese people whereby people withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party. It appears that Chinese have have lost faith in the Party’s system.

Baiqiao Tang, president of the China Peace and Democracy Foundation, expressed in 2014 that Chinese people had been condemning the CCP, that it has been becoming more and more like other countries previously ruled by a dictatorship, and that the Party leaders were increasingly unpopular and isolated nationally and internationally. He added:

The Chinese Communist Party’s collapse will happen in a split second.

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