Can You Symbolize Your Fears and Even Befriend Them?

Here’s an interesting animation that I would like to share with you.

What I learned from it is that fears only occupy the space that we give them. And how can we represent these anxieties? If I had to draw them, this representation by artist Nata Metlukh really hits the spot.

Nata is a San Francisco-based 2D animator and illustrator, and recently graduated from Vancouver Film School.

It took her 108 days of production to make this short film. She thinks that although these fear creatures can worsen people’s existence and make life more difficult (if we let them), they can actually be useful and even save people’s lives.

(Image: Nata Metlukh)

Those little blue beings represent our fears, and things change according to how we treat them. (Image: Nata Metlukh)

So, when you sense a fear, what are you going to do with it? Will you let it grow and breed, or hide it so no one can see it? Or will you acknowledge it and treat it as something that’s needed for survival?

As Bertrand Russell said:

The experience of overcoming fear is extraordinarily delightful.

I really have to agree. This heartwarming film gives us the opportunity to think more deeply about fear.

While considering these rather serious issues, I came across one of Nata’s funny comics. I really identified with it—has this happened to you too?

(Image: Nata Metlukh)

Intercontinental flight vs. the Internet. (Image: Nata Metlukh)



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