Driver Narrowly Cheats Death, Car Gets Skewered

The steel pipe went straight down through the car. (Image:
The steel pipe went straight down through the car. (Image:

Final Destination is surely one of the most unforgettable horror movies. The film vividly depicts the idea that Death will hunt you down by all inconceivable means, as long as your name is on his list.

The story that happened on May 19 in China is like a brighter version of Final Destination.

Mr. Leung was driving on Changfeng Avenue in Wuhan City around noon. As his car passed a construction site, a 10-foot-long steel pipe suddenly fell from above, pierced the windshield, and went between the front seats into the gear box, according to Tencent News.

Thanks to the slight lean of the pole, Leung escaped unharmed and remained calm. When the reporter tried to contact him for an interview, Leung was a bit surprised, saying: “This will get published in the paper? It’s not a big deal.”

The steep pipe stood upright after went through the front part of the car. (Image:

The steel pipe skewered the front of the car. (Image:

It looks like Death has made a last-minute correction: ‘Mission accomplished… Oops, wrong person! Turn right!




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