Does This U.S. Grandpa Know He’s the Most Popular Ad Spokesman in China?

Grandpa the property tycoon. (Image:
Grandpa the property tycoon. (Image:

To attract more clients, many Chinese businesses like to fake themselves as a foreign company. They use an English brand name, and put a western face on the product packaging.

An Internet user posted these photos showing the face of an elderly gentleman from Chicago who seems to have gained preference with many Chinese businesses.

In Chinese cities, you may see the same photo of this American grandpa in a variety of adverts, each with a different title for him.

The original photo. (Image:

The original photo. (Image:

The photo was taken by Seattle, Washington photographer Barbara Penoyar, though there is no more information about the man in the photo.


Fertilizer packaging bag. (Image:

Here we see grandpa’s photo on the packaging for China‘s most famous fertilizer. Based on the introduction in the photo, he is Wellin Boss, a fertilizer expert, and CEO of a company in San Diego.


Ad for an instant water heater. (Image:

Grandpa is also an advanced researcher on the instant electric water heater at Harvard University. His name is Bell Johnson.


Ad of an auto body shop. (Image:

Grandpa has royal blue blood, and is the noble spokesperson for an auto body shop called “Car Knight.”


Ad for a high-end mansion. (Image:

Ad of luxury house. (Image:

Ad for a luxury house. (Image:

Turns out grandpa is also a tycoon in the realtor business, dealing with luxury villas and high-end office buildings.

Ad of furniture store. (Image:

Ad for a furniture store. (Image:

Ad of an international fashion furniture. (Image:

Ad for an international fashion furniture company. (Image:

It’s no big surprise that grandpa is involved in the furniture business too. His name is Steven Dali.

Ad of a painting product. (Image:

Ad for a painting product. (Image:

Here he changes his name to C. Bruce, and now sells Old John’s paintings, produced by a subsidiary of a U.S. company.

Ad of an hardware store. (Image:

Ad for a hardware store. (Image:

Of course grandpa is the top interior designer in Britain. His name is Steffan Duoma, and he graduated from the Venice Art Institute. Grandpa is legendary!

Package bag of tea. (Image:

Packaging for healthy tea. (Image:

Grandpa is also an ordinary old man, and he’s got problems like other elderly people. So he’s the spokesperson for a special tea which can help your bowel movements.

What an incredibly full and busy life for an old man.

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