This Heartwarming Mother’s Day Surprise Is Full of Joy and Tears

Of course everyone wants to celebrate Mother’s Day with their mom, but the reality is not everyone can.

Some people have to stay at work even on such a meaningful day.


Everyone wants to celebrate Mother’s Day with their mom. (Screenshot/YouTube)


But some people have to work on this day. (Screenshot/YouTube)

This McDonald’s in Taiwan interviewed some of its employees about their moms and families.

Jing Yu

“Our school was really far from home. And Mom always waited for us when classes were over. I felt safe whenever I saw her. I feel that Mom has really sacrificed a lot for us.”

Yun Zhen

“All of my family members live in Kaohsiung and Chiayi. None of them are in Taipei. Mom always worries that I am here in Taipei alone. Actually, I really want to go back each week. But the restaurant is busy on weekends.”

Wei Ting

Staff: “You were brought up by your grandma since you were in sixth grade in elementary school.”

Wei Ting: “Yes.”

Staff: “How important is your grandma to you?”

Wei Ting: “Super important! Grandma… is more important than a girlfriend!”


McDonald’s surprised these employees on Mother’s Day. (Screenshot/YouTube)

After the interview, McDonald’s decided to give its employees a very special Mother’s Day.

Staff visited their homes, secretly invited their beloved moms to come to their work place in Tamsui, New Taipei City, and of course set up cameras to capture the touching moments.


Their moms went to visit them on Mother’s Day. (Screen/YouTube)

Three moms arrived from different parts of Taiwan—Yun Zhen’s mom from Chiayi, Jing Yu’s mom from Yonghe, and Ya Wen’s mom from Miaoli.


Jing Yu looked so surprised when she saw her mom. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Wow! Seems like it was a really big surprise. Look at these beautiful moments…


Jing Yu and her mom. (Screenshot/YouTube)


Yun Zhen and her mom. (Screenshot/YouTube)


Ya Wen and her mom. (Screenshot/YouTube)

“Happy Mother’s Day!” everyone applauded. But do you think that’s the end of the video?

Wei Ting was watching from the back of the store, and said jokingly yet enviously: “Well, they didn’t ask my grandma to come. I also miss my grandma very much.”


‘Well, they didn’t ask my grandma to come.’ (Screenshot/YouTube)

After a few minutes, a member of staff called him forward, and said: “Your grandma also wanted to come.”

Wei Ting: “It’s not possible.”

Staff: “She recorded a video for you”

Wei Ting: “Really?”

Staff: “Yes”

Wei Ting: “Wow, this is my grandma!”


Wen Ting’s grandma. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Grandma knew Wen Ting would be coming back soon, so she bought some kiwis, Wen Ting’s favorite fruit, and prepared his bed.

Grandma was touched when she heard Wei Ting saying she is more important than a girlfriend.


Grandma was touched by Wei Ting’s words. (Screenshot/YouTube)

“Wen Ting, Grandma loves you. I’ll cook for you when you come back. I’ll make whatever you want to eat.”

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