Want to Show Your Love on a Rainy Day? Here’s the Answer

What happens when need coincides with imagination?

Maybe something useful gets created or at least something funny.

Watch your eyes! (Screenshot/YouTube)

Mind your eyes! (Screenshot/YouTube)

Sharing umbrellas is impossible, right? Well, maybe, but you’ll change your mind after watching this video.

I can imagine if this product was advertised on TV, the infomercial would say something like: “A rainy day walking sadly alone, but now with this umbrella I can share my rainy days!”

No more loneliness under the umbrella (Screenshot/YouTube)

No more loneliness under the umbrella. (Screenshot/YouTube)

This umbrella is absolutely ridiculous and amazing at the same time, but I have to admit that I can see how it could be useful.

And as the saying goes:

The mind is like an umbrella—it functions best when open

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