This Awesome Cloud Waterfall Appeared on Mount Lu (Photos)

Man is tiny beside the greatness of nature.  (Image:
Man is tiny beside the greatness of nature. (Image:

Many people like the magnificent view of a great waterfall pouring over a cliff. However, a waterfall formed by clouds can actually be a more fascinating and wonderful site.

What’s more, it cannot be planned. It is a surprising gift on your trip given by the generosity of nature.

Yesterday, a stunning waterfall formed by clouds emerged after a summer rain on Mount Lu in Jiangxi Province, China. Mount Lu is situated between the Yangtze River and Poyang Lake. In the mountains, there are plenty of steep cliffs, fantastic rock peaks, and beautiful waterfalls. But none of the real waterfalls can be compared to this one.

A great waterfall was formed in the mountain. (Image:

A great waterfall was formed in the mountain. (Image:

The grand view of this cloud waterfall makes people wonder whether it is real, or a CG scene from a movie. Nature is the most imaginative designer.

Beautiful planet. (Image:

Our beautiful planet. (Image:

In the Tang Dynasty, the great poet Li Bai, also known as Li Po, visited Mount Lu and wrote one of his most famous poems about the waterfalls, depicting a waterfall as the galaxy falling down from the highest heaven. Many Weibo users say the scene in the photo must be what Li saw when he wrote this poem.

The poet didn’t exaggerate at all.

Great nature. (Image:

The awesome beauty of nature. (Image:


Like a good CG work. (Image:


Vast and stunning. (Image:


A heavenly view. (Image:


Embracing nature. (Image:

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