What Is This Green ‘Jellyfish UFO’ Photographed in the Netherlands?

Stunning 'Jellyfish UFO' caught on camera by a Dutch photographer. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Stunning 'Jellyfish UFO' caught on camera by a Dutch photographer. (Screenshot/YouTube)

A strange shape has been photographed flying through the sky over the Dutch countryside. Harry Perton, a Dutch photographer, was out taking photos of cloud formations just after it had rained. As the sun was going down, he suddenly noticed a flash through his eyepiece.

At the time, he thought that he may have gotten a shot of a lightning bolt on that stormy night in Groningen in the Netherlands. That was until he had returned home and checked the files on his camera. To his surprise, he had a photo of “what looked like a UFO.”

Green “jellyfish UFO” seen over the Netherlands:

Perton said: “I was taking photos and suddenly something flashed. At first, I thought it must have been my camera, but the flash was not up and there was not a drop on my lens. I decided it must have been a strike of lightning… But back at home, I saw something strange in one of the photos that I took… what looked like a UFO,” reported The Inquisitr.

This type of UFO is known as a “jellyfish UFO,” and has been photographed before. There are some people who even suggest that the objects are actual aliens, not a spacecraft, that are absorbing light above the clouds.

Another explanation is that this is actually a dimensional portal that was photographed.

Perton believes there’s a scientific, weather, or lens flare explanation for the photo—he doesn’t believe in UFOs.

“I am not a UFO-believer. I think [the jellyfish UFO] was probably something meteorological.  Maybe a ray of the sun peeked through the storm cloud and created this effect.”

The picture has been met with a lot of speculation online, but Perton himself has stated that he does not believe he has captured aliens.

UFO enthusiasts will now have to be on the lookout for this style of UFO, as well as the better known ones.

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