Roger the Kangaroo Crushes Metal Buckets, Can Easily Disembowel You

Roger, a red kangaroo, is all muscle. (Screenshot/YouTube.)
Roger, a red kangaroo, is all muscle. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

Growing up in Australia, I have seen my fair share of kangaroos, particularly where we are living now in Queensland. When I go for walks, there are some pretty big muscly kangaroos staring at me from the bushes. As much as I would love to hug and pat them, I slowly walk cautiously past them.

But if I ever saw a kangaroo like Roger, I would run the other way.

This massive boy is a red kangaroo, is a whopping 200 pounds of pure muscle, and stands at a towering 7 feet from head to tail.

Listen to this tourist’s comments when he first sees Roger, the kangaroo.

As if he wasn’t intimidating enough with his height and weight, he crushes metal buckets while he stares intimidatingly at the camera.

But you don’t have to worry too much about him crushing buckets, with a well-placed kicked Roger could easily disembowel you, so you wouldn’t want to stand too close.

Roger isn’t a wild kangaroo; he resides at The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

He was rescued and raised at the Kangaroo Sanctuary, which is run by Chris “Brolga” Barnes, also known as Kangaroo Dundee.

NT News reported: “ Barns hand-raised Roger after finding the roo as a 4-month-old pinky in his dead mother’s pouch near Alice Springs about nine years ago.

“He had no hair at that age and his eyes were just open, and today he’s up to 7 feet tall and 90 kg,” Mr Barns said.

This video compares Roger to another big roo in Brisbane, Australia, named Dave:

There is a softer side to the big tough Roger, who was sent a fluffy bunny for Easter, which he played around with.

“When I gave it to him, he snatched it off me really quickly and proceeded to attack it, giving it a “bear hug” and wrestling it, even hugging it and kicking out as he would do in a kick boxing match; he’s an expert kick boxer”‘ Brolga said back in April, The Daily Mail Australia reported.

As the saying goes in Australia, Roger is built like a brick out-house, which for you non-Aussies means he’s tough and can withstand anything.

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