Like Father Like Son Moments, LOL, Don’t Forget Father’s Day

    Texting each other? (Image: KZG)That moment you realize you made a mini-you. (Image: KZG)It's in the blood. (Image: KZG)Like father, like dog. (Image: KZG)You finally have an excuse to start dressing up for halloween again.  (Image: KZG)Wonder if they dream the same dreams too? (Image: KZG)You just dress up for the kid, right? (Image: KZG)Sleeps like dad. (Image: KZG)Teaching by example. (Image: KZG)People always say he looks like his dad. Really? (Image: KZG)Classic. (Image: KZG)How did that spot get transfered? (Image: KZG)Strolling in style like the old man. (Image: KZG)He doesn't know why people say having a baby is so hard. (Image: KZG)

    Having a real mini-me is one of the sweetest and most amazing things that will happen to you in life. Your own baby will be a unique individual that you get to watch grow from a snuffling, spacey-eyed infant into a two-year-old with personality and a massive inability to be reasoned with for a couple of years. But, they’re always a part of you.

    This Father’s Day lands on June 21, the summer solstice in the United States.

    When you’re writing your dad or granddad a card this week, give them a walk down memory lane.

    Make a list of your 10 favorite memories you have with┬áthem as a kid, the 10 favorite things you did together, or special memories of things they did for you. It’s really nice for them to be reminded that all the heart they put into raising you is cherished. You might remember some funny things differently than them too, so it’ll be fun to hear your take on the moments.

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