The Moment This Orphaned Fawn Was Adopted by a Doe

This video is amazing and surprising. The rescue center had never tried this before, and had no idea if it’d work. It all happens so quickly, considering the mother deer and the baby had never seen each other before.

Screenshot 2015-06-16 15.51.38

Doe looking for her lost fawn. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The doe is watching intently from the safety of the tall grass in the woods as the orphaned baby deer is carried slowly and gently toward her. The fawn struggles to escape from the arms of her carer, but isn’t released immediately in case she runs away in the wrong direction.

Screenshot 2015-06-16 16.08.06

Orphaned fawn being held so it won’t bolt off the wrong way. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Once the mother deer has the baby’s attention, it starts stomping her hoof. Not being an animal expert, I wondered if it was a sign of aggression, but if you wait, you learn what it really means in deer communication.

Screenshot 2015-06-16 15.54.08

Doe stomps to get the fawn’s attention. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The owner of this home had called the rescue center letting them know that a mother deer had been hanging around their house for the past three days. She seemed to be calling out for her lost fawn.

The animal rescuers had previously taken orphaned fawns to find foster deer, but they’d never found a mother deer that was actually looking for a baby, so it was heart-wrenching to see how it played out.

The most surprising part for me is that the baby goes straight to the deer and starts nursing. It’s at that point the mother starts leading the baby away from the people, and further into the woods.

Screenshot 2015-06-16 15.59.59

Doe leading her foster fawn away. (Screenshot/YouTube)

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