New Mom in Labor Rushed to Hospital, but What Happened to the Baby?

Hey baby, don't rush to the exit. (Image:
Hey baby, don't rush to the exit. (Image:

A nice spoiler. This is not a horror story, so you can keep reading without being disturbed. Actually, it is a crazy story about the first mistake made by a couple of new parents.

But not many new parents will ever have this happen to them.

Recently, late one night with the help of her husband, a pregnant woman about to give birth hastily traveled by motorcycle to the Guangdong Chenguang Nongchang Hospital in Guangdong Province to deliver her baby. As the doctor got ready to help the woman deliver the baby, he saw that a portion of the umbilical cord and placenta were exposed externally, but the baby was missing!


Motorcycles and scooters are a commonly used for transportation in China. (Image: Tim Adams/Wikipedia Commons)

“Where is your baby then?” Dr Leung asked the new parents. The father was completely at a loss. He started to look around, as if the baby would show up from nowhere. The new mom lying in the bed suddenly shouted out: “The child was born! It was already born on the way! We lost the baby on the road!”

The new mom was being taken to the hospital on a motorcycle by her husband. So the doctor guessed the baby was actually born on the way to the hospital. They immediately drove back via the same route to look for the baby .

At a place about two miles away from the hospital, the medical staff and the new father saw that two cars were parked by the roadside, and people were surrounding and protecting something in the middle. The father approached to take a look, and found a newborn infant covered with blood lying on the roadside.

He bent down to pick up the baby, and the baby suddenly burst into a loud cry. It was a boy. The medical staff quickly got out of the car to help the baby.

A man who was protecting the baby told a newspaper reporter that as he was driving by, he saw a baby lying on the road. To prevent the passing vehicles from running over the infant, he and several other drivers stopped to protect the baby.


The baby born on a motorcycle on the way to the hospital that fell through his mother’s pant’s leg onto the road only received minor scratches (file photo, not actual baby). (Image: Dylan Parker/Wikimedia Commons)

According to the doctor’s analysis, the baby was discharged from the mother’s body onto the road. Because of the bumpy road, the baby got detached  from the umbilical cord, and fell out of the mother’s trouser leg. Luckily, the baby boy only suffered some scratches, and was strong and healthy.

According to the BBC News, the story has gone viral on China’s social networking site Weibo.

User Grady Man Er jokes: “Mum, how did I come into the world?” “I picked you up at the side of the road.”

While 883lulu says: “How did his mother not feel it?!”

Others chose instead to focus on the happy ending. “God… this child is really lucky,” comments star_Huangnian, while Pavilions says: “This is really the most wonderful ‘news’ I have ever seen…”

I’d say this baby has some really good karma!

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