You Probably Have Never Imagined Using These Objects in This Way

Tanaka Tatsuya's Miniature Life Book. (Screenshot/
Tanaka Tatsuya's Miniature Life Book. (Screenshot/

Have any ever imagined what everyday objects would be like for us, if we were the size of a pin?

Tanaka Tatsuya, a talented artist from Kagoshima, Japan, does imagine it. So let me introduce him and his unique art.


“Nail clippers”

“Everyday occurrences seen from a pygmy’s perspective can bring us lots of fun thoughts.” Tanaka said. He decided to translate these thoughts into images.

These images primarily depict diorama-style figures surrounded by daily objects, creating different scenes in what he calls the Miniature Calendar.


“Iron Chef”





“Fishing boat”





“Deep-sea fish”


He’s been doing this daily for more than four years, and says it would be great if his work brings us some joy.

9 more creative pictures by Tanaka Tatsuya:

For my part, I have never been so eager to enter into a diorama as when I saw these images. What about you?

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