OMG: Man Driving on Expressway With IV Pole Sticking Out Window

He must be a really busy businessman! (image:
He must be a really busy businessman! (image:

Today, one of the most dangerous driving behaviors is making calls or texting on a cellphone. Many people are probably guilty of this poor behavior.

But one Chinese driver has added another level of danger to the whole cellphone thing.

Policeman:"What's that pink pole sticking out of the window?" (Image:

Policeman:”What’s that pink pole sticking out of the window?” (Image:

At 9 am on June 20, policemen patrolling the expressway from Wenzhou City to Shanghai noticed a something strange with a black car. It seemed the driver was holding a swatter out the window. When the police car got closer, the pink pole turned out to be a homemade IV pole!


Mobile hospital. (Image:

The driver was so busy with his hands in the car. His left hand was holding the homemade IV pole, which was actually a pink clothes hanging pole, and controlling the steering wheel. His right hand, which the IV was attached to, was holding a cellphone. Before the policemen stopped the car, the man was receiving the IV fluid in his right hand and talking on his phone at the same time.


There was still half a bag of fluid in the IV that kept dripping into the driver’s right hand. (Image:

The car was traveling at about 50 miles per hour on the expressway. The man had received a call that he had some urgent situation to be dealt with when he was in the hospital. So he hit the road before the IV was finished, according to Tencent News.

The driver apologizes for the unsafe driving. (Image:

The driver apologized for unsafe driving. (Image:



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