See How Kids React Differently When Their Noses Get Stolen (Funny Video)

How Kids React Differently When Their Nose Gets Stolen Will Make You Laugh (Funny Video)

Kids are really innocent and pure. They treat seriously and believe every single word their parents tell them, even when they say they’re going to steal their nose.

At first, when Dad “takes her nose,” this little girl is like: “That’s ridiculous. What are you doing?” But after seeing “her tiny little nose” in Dad’s hand…

The girl’s reaction is so cute and sweet. She’s really proud of Dad’s nose trick.

However, such a trick might not always end up so heartwarming. This video of a little Chinese boy named Ye Junzhe losing his nose went viral among Chinese bloggers a few years ago. Here, we translate the dialogue with his mom as she plays a trick on him. Enjoy!

This little boy is dancing when Mom suddenly steals his nose.

Mom: “Look at this! This is Ye Junzhe’s nose. Yay, Ye Junzhe has no nose now.”

The boy is curious and excited at first, looking at “his nose” in Mom’s hand.



Mom: “Yay, Ye Junzhe has no nose.”

Wait! Something doesn’t feel right.

Kid: “No please. I’m begging you.”

Mom: “Ye Junzhe has no nose.”

Kid: “Papa.” He starts crying loud, and tries to ask Dad for help, staring at his mom’s hand. “Oh… my nose… my nose…”



Mom: “Don’t cry. Mom will put it back for you.”

Kid: “Okay.”

Mom: “Okay, don’t move.”



Mom: “Okay, done. Try to touch your nose, and check if it is there.”

Mom: “Where’s your nose, baby? Touch your nose, and check if it is there. Is it there?”

Kid: “Yes.”



Mom: “Come! Let Mom take it off again.”

Kid: “No, no, I don’t want that.”

Mom: “Why not?”

He plunges deep into thought. But after a few seconds… “Okay, take it.”

Mom: “Hey, look at baby’s little nose. Mom is going to throw it away.”



Kid: “No, please. I want my nose,” he wails. “Give it back to me.”

Mom: “Let’s throw it away. Okay?”

Kid: “Oh, my nose.”

Mom pretends to be putting his nose on again for him. As the kid is about to calm down, Mom says: “Hey, your nose is still in my hand. I failed to put it back for you. What should we do? Let’s throw it away.”



Mom finally “gives the nose back” to him, and asks him: “Why didn’t you want to throw it away?”

Kid: “Because I need to blow my nose.”

Mom: “Oh, I see. So the reason why we have a nose is so that we can blow our nose.”

Poor kid. Take good care of your own nose next time!

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