The Simple Kindness of a Stranger Saves Man’s Life

Zhang Jinsheng told the couple that all men are brothers in this world. (Image: Secret China)
Zhang Jinsheng told the couple that all men are brothers in this world. (Image: Secret China)

According to mainland media reports, Zhang Jinsheng was on a flight to South Africa in the early afternoon of April 7 this year. As usual, he carried a black bag containing his daily medications. He never imagined that these items would turn out to be life-savers.

After lunch was served on the 13-hour-long flight, most passengers fell asleep. Their peace was soon disturbed when a panicked woman started shouting for the flight attendants. The call soon went out for a doctor when the attendants were unable to assist the stricken passenger.

When it became obvious there was no doctor on the plane, Zhang made his way to the ill passenger. He saw that the man was pale, with a cold sweat, clenched teeth, and that he had wet himself. As a sufferer of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, Zhang recognized the symptoms of myocardial ischemia. He knew that his medication could help, so with the consent of the man’s wife, he gave some of his pills to the ill man and held his hand. After 10 minutes, he could feel the man’s pulse returning to normal and warmth returning to his hand, and he opened his eyes. Zhang was elated—the man had survived unharmed!

The kindness of strangers

Zhang’s black bag with his daily medicine in it. (Image: Secret China)

Zhang had hesitated before deciding to help, as he was worried that the pills might not work, or might have made the situation worse. But he realised that the man might not have survived the time it would take to make an emergency landing and being transported to a hospital. So he decided that even if there was a risk, he should still reach out to save the man for the sake of his family.

The man’s wife tried to reward Zhang by giving him a thank you note and $2,000 in cash. Zhang could certainly have used the money, but he refused to accept it. Zhang asked for a picture with the most beautiful attendant on the plane instead, a wish that was quickly granted. He told the couple that all men are brothers in this world. They were moved to tears by Zhang’s generosity and kind words.

The kindness of strangers

Zhang Jinsheng and the most beautiful girl on the plane. (Image: Secret China)

Translated research by Ying Ming and Kathy

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