Chris Pratt Totally Nails Running in High Heels

Chris Pratt makes running in heels look easy. (Screenshot/YouTube.)
Chris Pratt makes running in heels look easy. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

Chris Pratt can add running gracefully in heels to his list of talents. He showed how super easy it is and could put many women to shame.

Recently, Pratt and his co-stars, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jake Johnson, stopped by James Corden’s Late Late Show to chat about their latest hit Jurassic World.

They were all stunned how well Howard ran in heels most of the movie. Pratt said she was a total trooper and ran without twisting an ankle, even when running through the jungle.

Corden asked Pratt if he thought he could run in heels. Pratt said he could, if he could find a pair that fit him.

Corden then pulled out a pair of drag queen-sized heels for Pratt. Pratt put them on, stumbled a bit, and then ran with grace across the studio, high-fived one of the band members, and then ran back and even tweaked his foot at the end.

You go Pratt! Next time I run in heels, I am going to do it the Pratt-style way.

On another note, Jurassic World totally smashed box office records, making history with the highest worldwide opening of all time. Over the weekend, it made a whopping $524 million worldwide. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, you should!

Watch Pratt run in heels:

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