This Commercial Jetpack Will Be on the Market in the Second Half of 2016

The Matin jetpack. (Image:
The Matin jetpack. (Image:

A new way of transport will be available for delivery from the second half of 2016. It won’t come cheap though, at around US$200,000 plus customization. The Jetpack will be targeting commercial environments that are responsible for saving human lives.

The Martin Jetpack was developed back in 1981, and first flown in public back in 2008; it is powered by a V4 200 horsepower engine. It drives two ducted fans that can give you a speed of about 46 mph, give you approximately 30 minutes of flight time, and can take you to a height of around 3000 feet.

Martin Jetpack, finding solutions:

According to Popular Science: “There’s one hitch: the Martin Jetpack isn’t precisely a jetpack. Instead, it belongs to the “ducted fan” family of vehicles, which include some modern and past experimental hover-bikes, as well as some drones. So it’s not jets, exactly, but it is still an actual flying machine worn on a person’s back that hurtles them into the air.”

Martin Jetpack wrote: “The world’s first practical jetpack, with potential usage spanning search and rescue, military, recreational and commercial applications, both manned and unmanned.

The Martin Jetpack was initially conceived and developed by Glenn Martin in Dunedin in 1981. This led to the founding of Martin Aircraft Company.”

Sneak preview of the Martin Jetpack from 2013:

The jetpack can be flown by remote control. It takes off and lands vertically. Having such a small dimension, it also can be used in confined spaces. The makers say that it was “designed with safety in mind and for easy adoption, with pilot qualifications easy to obtain.”

“The Jetpack is fly by wire, so unlike other aircraft, including helicopters, it is relatively easy to operate, and with its ballistic parachute system that can safely recover the aircraft from a few meters above the ground, it will be one of the most safe light aircraft on the market.”

I must admit that if I had the money, I would order one today.

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