Wait, Did I Just See ‘Doraemon’s Anywhere Door’ in the Real World?

Let's see why this real-world version of Anywhere Door occured in Taoyuan, Taiwan. (Image: ETtoday)
Let's see why this real-world version of Anywhere Door occured in Taoyuan, Taiwan. (Image: ETtoday)

This picture of a strange house design in Taoyuan, Taiwan, posted by a blogger has triggered a heated discussion online.

The weird thing is that besides the front door on the first floor, there’s another door on the second floor that leads to nowhere but the air.

That is to say, there are no stairs connected to it. But why is that?

Bloggers are making all kinds of guesses:

  • “Does the homeowner have light body kungfu?”
  • “This is definitely Doraemon’s Anywhere Door.”
  • “Maybe the owner is Doraemon’s fan.”
  • “What a special air-bridge!”
  • “The owner is playing tricks on thief.”
  • “They can escape by boat from the second floor when a flood engulfs first floor of the house.”

This house has two front doors. (Image: ETtoday)

Well, the riddle has finally been brought to light. The owner told ETtoday that the door was installed a few years ago when they were moving house. “It was pretty inconvenient to move large furniture upstairs because the stairs are too narrow,” said Huang. So they decided to install a door on the second floor so that they can directly put the furniture inside the house.

According to Huang, they haven’t used it since. “The door on the second floor is locked all the time to prevent visitors from accidentally open it.”


The owner of the special house. (Image: ETtoday)


The weird house design. (Image: ETtoday)

This is a very unique scene that catches the eye of passers-by. Some neighbors find it interesting and creative, while some don’t find it special because they have already gotten used to it.

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