Hey Fossils! You Totes Need to Learn the Gen Y Lingo

Learn the language of Gen Y. (Image: Flickr Anne Worner)
Learn the language of Gen Y. (Image: Flickr Anne Worner)

If you fossils out there want to be in the know about what we Gen Ys are writing and talking about, then you need to learn our lingo. This totes awesome A -Z list from the 50 Shades of Age website will get you up to scratch.

You’ll think it’s LOL.

A is for awesome—an overused word that describes pretty much everything that is good!

B is for barred —as in “you got totally barred by that person”.  Means you got fooled.

C is for cooked—which other generations would describe as being stoned

D is for de bomb—means the best

E is for emo—short for emotional and means an emotional person

F is for frothing—as in “I’m frothing my new skateboard.” It means you are stoked.

G is for gay—No, it doesn’t only mean you are homosexual, but it’s also used to mean you are uncool or inferior!

H is for hooking up—as in: “I hooked up with a girl last night.”—meaning ‘getting with.’

I is for indie—which is short for independent, meaning you are unique and a free thinker

J is for jelly—short for being jealous of someone.

K is for kicks—doing something for fun.

L is for LOL—acronym for ‘laugh out loud.’

M is for maggott—which means you are extremely drunk.

Gen Y's main form of communication is texting. (Image: Flickr Tammy McGary.)

Gen Y’s main form of communication is texting. (Image: Flickr Tammy McGary)

N is for nailed it—means you did good!

O is for owned—means you defeated someone as in: “I owned it”!

P is for photobomb—to drop into someone’s photo unexpectedly.

Q is for quipster—the term for a queer hipster (an individual who enjoys indie or underground music, frequents coffee shops and bookstores, and shops at thrift stores).

R is for rig—as in: “Look at the rig on that girl.”  Meaning a good body.

S is for shotty or shotgun—as in: “I shotty the front seat.”  Meaning to bag or claim.

T is for tool—means you are a loser!

U is for uggs—very trendy boots which are suede on the outside and sheepskin on the inside.

V is for vajazzling—the act of adorning one’s vagina with glitter and jewels!

W is for wig out—which means becoming fearful.

X is for xenophile—a person who is especially interested in foreign cultures, languages, and people.

Y is for YOLO—acronym for “you only live once!’

Z is for zeds—as in ‘catching a few zeds’ (zzz’s).  Meaning getting some sleep.

And here are some acronyms so you are not looking at them puzzled when they say or write a bunch of letters.

OMG short for Oh my God.

ICYMI short for “in case you missed it.”

TL;DR short for “too long; didn’t read.”

MCM short for “man crush Monday” which is a themed day on social media when you post a picture of a guy you think is hot.

WCW short for “woman crush Wednesday” which is the female version of MCM.


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