Limber Can’t Even Describe the Flexibility of the Ross Sisters

The Ross Sisters do contortionist moves that will blow your mind. (Screenshot/YouTube.)
The Ross Sisters do contortionist moves that will blow your mind. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

I think Cirque De Soleil must have gotten their inspiration from the super flexible Ross Sisters.

The Ross Sisters stage names were Aggie, Maggie, and Elmira, and their real names were Vicki, Dixie, and Betsy Ross.

In this video, Solid Potato Salad, they start off just singing and then go on to blow your mind with some of the most amazing contortionist moves I have ever seen.

First, they start off going some tumbles.


The Ross Sisters performing a tumbling routine. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Then they do a back bend and go onto crawling right underneath their legs.

Screenshot 2015-07-04 20.30.07

How’s this for an incredible back bend. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Now, this move is a real show of the flexibility they have in their backs as they flip their legs around in circles over their heads.

Screenshot 2015-07-04 20.38.27

Walking around in circles over their bodies. (Screenshot/YouTube)


This move will blow your mind. She starts off standing straight and then goes backwards all the way down.


Try this back bending routine if you dare. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Slides backwards with her head, lies on her back for a second, and then slides forward again on her head.


Sliding backward during a backward bend. (Screenshot/YouTube)

and stands up again… WHAT?!


Standing back up from a full backward bend. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Here is another mind blower. First, she goes backwards.


This backward bend will blow your mind. (Screenshot/YouTube)

She then picks up the apple with her mouth. Look at her legs—how is she holding on?!


How does she do this? (Screenshot/YouTube)

Then, she stands up straight again!!! Amazing, it’s just so amazing what these sisters can do.


Standing back up takes incredible strength. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Their is talk on that this was not made in 1944 and that is was made a lot later, as they think Technicolor was not around in 1944, but I assure you, it is definitely real and Technicolor has been around since 1922.

Next time you have a backache, think of these three contortionist sisters.

Watch full video of the Ross Sisters—Solid Potato Salad:


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