Dogs LOVE Frisbee, so Learn How to Teach Your Dog

Frisbee at the beach, such a fun activity for you and your dog. (Image: flickr)
Frisbee at the beach, such a fun activity for you and your dog. (Image: flickr)

Frisbee is such a fun game, and dogs love to play too.

If your dog is already playing regular fetch with a ball or stick, he’ll love this new game, which introduces new skills. He’ll also love the time spent with you!

Frisbee challenges him to catch a moving object—getting exercise and mental stimulation, which all dogs need.


Here are some ways to get your dog interested in a Frisbee

Screenshot 2015-07-05 09.22.23

Play tug with the Frisbee. (Screenshot/YouTube)

  • First, you need to get your dog interested in the Frisbee, so use your Frisbee as a feeding bowl to peek your dog’s interest.
  • You can also use a Frisbee to play tug with the Frisbee
  • Moving a Frisbee around on the floor or ground gets your dog interested in chasing it.
  • Play fetch by sliding the Frisbee along the floor or ground.
  • Roll the Frisbee along the ground on its side to teach your dog how to properly grab the Frisbee.

Games that help build interest in the Frisbee

Screenshot 2015-07-05 09.27.14

The ‘fire game.’ (Screenshot/YouTube)

  • The “fire game”—throw the Frisbee back and forth with another person and encourage your dog to follow the Frisbee. Occasionally miss the Frisbee and let your dog get it.
  • Runaway Frisbee—drag your Frisbee on a leash and let your dog chase it.

How to teach your dog to catch a Frisbee

Screenshot 2015-07-05 09.31.43

Teaching your dog to catch a Frisbee. (Screenshot/YouTube)

  • Getting a stationary Frisbee—hold the Frisbee out to your dog at nose level and encourage your dog to grab it.
  • Getting a moving Frisbee—move the Frisbee around at nose level and encourage your dog to grab it.
  • Getting a “soaring” Frisbee—hold the Frisbee up high and bring it down toward the ground like it was flying so your dog will grab it.
  • Short catches—encourage your dog to catch very short tosses as the Frisbee is moving in the air.
  • Short distance throws—toss the Frisbee out short distances to encourage chasing and catching the Frisbee.
  • Long distance throws—same as previous, but throw the Frisbee further.
  • Add freestyle moves—the sky is the limit.

Make sure you pat your dog every time it successfully does what you want and say what a good dog it is.

Always have fresh water around after playing Frisbee with your dog.

This video shows you all the steps needed to teach your dog to catch a flying saucer right out of the sky.

Regular Frisbees can hurt the sensitive mouth of your dog, so go to your pet store and see if you can find a proper “dog Frisbee” before you start this training.

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