Johnny Depp Visits Children in Hospital Dressed as Jack Sparrow

Max Bennett was one of the lucky kids at Brisbane's Children's Hospital who got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Max Bennett was one of the lucky kids at Brisbane's Children's Hospital who got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The children at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital were excited to get a visit from super star Johnny Depp, dressed as Jack Sparrow.

Depp, who was filming the latest installment of Pirates of the CaribbeanDead Men Tell No Tales, in Queensland, took time off to cheer up the kids at the hospital.

9 News reported: “The philanthropic actor has surprised children as Jack Sparrow before and has admitted he often travels with his costume for impromptu visits.”

Depp asked the staff to keep his visit private and not publicize the visit.

However, photos soon emerged on social media.

ABC reported: “Amongst those who got to meet Depp was 7-year-old Max Bennett, who suffers from transverse myelitis, a rare neurological disorder which had him in an induced coma and on life support just weeks ago.”

Max and his mom Rachel were having dinner when they spotted an out-of-the-ordinary black helicopter land at the hospital.

A staff member told them Jack Sparrow was upstairs.

“He was going from room to room seeing all the kids who couldn’t get out of bed,” Ms Bennett said.

“We waited out of the front of one of the rooms, and he came up to us and had a really good chat to Max.”

Depp was joking around, trying and failing to spell Max’s name in a theatrical fashion and gave him some “gold coins,” which were engraved with pirate heads.

Watch Johnny Depp and Max Bennett:

“He was taking his time to make sure he spoke to each and every one of them,” Ms Bennett said.

“It was really beautiful. Everyone kept on trying to move him on, but he kept on coming back.

“He came on the condition that he wasn’t pushed along and crowded by adults, and he could spend as much time as he wanted with the kids. He was here for the kids.”

Johnny Depp has always been my favorite actor with his quirkiness, but this just makes me like him more.


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