Incredible New Footage of Whales Breaching, But Listen to What the Man Does

Check out this amazing footage Brad Rich and his fishing partner Tony Flanders captured just off the cost of Seward, Alaska, a few days ago. Warning: He’s so excited he drops a few expletives. But can you blame him?

They suspected there were humpback whales in the area because of all the seabirds circling above the water, and then you start to hear the whale calls. It’s pretty exciting just anticipating what’s going to happen, but when the whales breach right by the boat, it catches them totally off guard.

Listen to Brad, the man behind the camera. That is the sound of pure joy, mixed with a touch of fear.

I wish that was me; what an incredible, once in a life-time experience.

Breeching humpback whales in Alaska. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Breaching humpback whales in Alaska. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The whales are bubble-net fishing “a unique feeding technique employed by humpback whales, in which a group of whales swim in a shrinking circle blowing bubbles below a school of fish. This shrinking column of bubbles surrounds the school of fish forcing them upward. The whales spontaneously swim upward through the bubble net, mouths wide open, catching thousands of fish in one gulp,” according to Alaska Photos.

The video was published by Jukin Media.

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