7 Reasons Not to Pick Your Nose—No.1, It’s Dangerous!

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Nose picking is a bad habit no one wants to see. (Image: nathanmac87/flickr)

Nose picking first and foremost, in a social situation, is pretty gross—most will agree. Secondly, it is unhygienic and could be dangerous.

Try to kick the habit of picking your nose, or reach for a tissue instead.

7 reasons to quit the habit of picking your nose

  1. Picking your nose is potentially dangerous for your health. If you have a virus, fungus, or bacteria on your finger and you pick your nose, the pathogens have found an easy way to enter your body.
  2. Picking your nose may also lead to pimples in your nose-hair follicles (folliculitis).
  3. If a small pimple in your nose were to develop into a boil inside your nose, the infection could travel up into your brain via your blood stream.
  4. Picking your nose may tear the fragile skin within your nose, leading to nose bleeds. People with repeat nose bleeds know that it may take months for this skin to heal.
  5.  If you already have a cold and your sinus is blocked, and then you pick your nose, you are at risk of developing sinusitis. This because you are introducing millions of bacteria under your finger nail into your nose. From here, they may travel up your nose to your sinus cavity. Unable to properly drain, the bacteria will multiply—leading to a sinus infection.
  6.  If you pick your nose regularly, your nose becomes a hub or breeding ground for germs. After you pick, and you don’t wash your hands, you are spreading these germs to others.
  7.  If others catch you in the act, they will feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, and a little squeamish.

Nose picking begins as a 'cute' habit, but we grow out of it pretty fast! (Image:Mike Willis/flickr)

Your nose may need some love, rest, and recovery

If your nose feels constantly stuffy and has crusty material within or around your nostrils, use a tissue—instead of your finger—for a time, and see if this relieves the need to pick. If a crusty or mucusy nose persists, see a doctor, as there may be other health reasons behind this—such as allergies.

It’s a bad habit that no one wants to see

Statistics say that over 75% of people pick their noses! It surprises me that even when in public, some adults (not mentioning any names) just can’t manage to kick that childhood habit.

Bottom line, we all need to do maintenance sometimes—grab a tissue and stay healthy!

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