3 Cute Duck Videos, One of Which Is Epic

Super Pip, the superhero duck. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Super Pip, the superhero duck. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Watching a baby human or baby animal do regular things for the first time—it hits the spot. This baby duckling tries swimming for the first time, without a mother duck or siblings to show it how.

You’ll be cheering this little duckling on in your mind.

They (Buzzfeed people) also turned the waddling baby into a superhero—of course. Super Pip, Duckling Fights Crime—adorable and epic, yet you see zero action. It doesn’t mater because the of the music and it has a cape. Watching the duckling running is the best part.

If the future Avenger (the best Avenger ever) looks familiar, it’s Ming Ming from The Wonder Pets, the cutest children’s show of of the millennium, hands down.

It reminds me of the cat guy videos with his home-video style footage and charmingly budget special effects.

So who is this fabulous little duck? It looks like the people over at Buzzfeed raised him in the office. Yeah, I need to speak to my boss about how having pets at work increases productivity etc., etc.

In the next clip, watch Pip crack open his-or-her egg in and incubator, and grow up in 73 seconds.

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