Boat Tour of Sai Kung Geopark in Hong Kong

    Luxury summer houses and apartments not far from Sai Kung seafood village. (Image: Mona Song/Vision Times)Yim Tin Tsai, where there is a church for local villagers. (Image: Mona Song/Vision Times)The public golf course boat pier. (Image: Mona Song/Vision Times)It's a 2-hour cruise to Geopark. (Image: Mona Song/Vision Times)Hap Mun Bay (Half Moon Bay), a good sandy beach for swimming. (Image: Mona Song/Vision Times)The business district of Hong Kong, known as Tsim Sha Tsui. (Image: Mona Song/Vision Times)Hong Kong is a very cosmopolitan city. (Image: Mona Song/Vision Times)One of the beautiful beaches in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. (Image: Pixabay)Tai Long Wan Bay in the Sai Kung Peninsula, Hong Kong. (Image: Wikipedia)Po Pin Chau along the Sai Kung Peninsula, Hong Kong. (Minghong/Wikimedia Commons)

    Sai Kung is known as Hong Kong’s back garden. It is the best place for hiking because of the beautiful trails, green hills, and beaches in the area. It’s also locally famous for it’s fresh seafood eateries.

    People come to Hong Kong’s gorgeous Sai Kung to relax on Sundays and holidays.

    The village of Sai Kung is where you’ll find all the seafood restaurants, many of which are on the seafront, known as Seafood Street.

    The entrance to the famous Seafood Street at Sai Kung, Hong Kong's back garden. (Alan Mik/Wikimedia Commons)

    The entrance to the famous Seafood Street at Sai Kung, Hong Kong’s back garden. (Alan Mak/Wikimedia Commons)

    These laid-back eateries are a great way to recover from a day walking the hills, though the freshness of the seafood and the charm of Sai Kung village are enough to justify coming here to eat without hiking the hills.

    These restaurants also serve traditional yum cha, aka dim sum (delicious Chinese food).

    We recently went there for hiking and also enjoyed a boat tour of Sai Kung‘s nearby islands and Geopark. It was a nice day as we walked along the street looking at boat tour options for different islands and Geopark.  It is about a 2 hour 30 minute cruise.

    The boat we picked was a sampan boat that cost five of us HK$400 (about US$50). It is about an hour’s boat ride to get to the islands and rocks of Geopark. Along the boat tour, we saw beautiful beaches, some empty and some crowded with people.

    This is Tai Long Wan bay in the Sai Kung Peninsula, Hong Kong. (Image: Wikipedia)

    This is Tai Long Wan Bay in the Sai Kung Peninsula, Hong Kong. (Image: WiNG/Wikimedia Commons)

    We also got a glimpse of a charming public golf course with a beautiful sea view. It is a challenging course, as it is hilly and right on the ocean.

    Along the way, we also saw the largest fishing farm where the locals raise all kinds of fish to supply the restaurants on shore.

    Sai Kung offers white sand beaches, green hills, a great ocean-side golf course, seafood, and relaxed people. If you are traveling to Hong Kong, make sure to add this to your itinerary.

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